GRAYE launches new kids clothing line, YOUNG by GRAYE

A champion of sustainability and inclusivity, GRAYE was founded in 2016 as an exciting ready-to-wear men’s and unisex clothing brand with a focus on fabric and cut. Known for their minimalist apparel, as well as versatile and functional accessories, the homegrown brand seamlessly brings together Eastern and Western elements to present comfortable and stylish everyday wear.

Launching a new kid’s line of clothing, GRAYE joins in on this year’s Boutique Fairs Spring Summer 2023 edition with a preview of YOUNG by GRAYE, an extension of the brand’s line for adults.


, GRAYE launches new kids clothing line, YOUNG by GRAYE


In their signature style, the collection features genderless and timeless designs built for extended wear. Designed with babies and young children of up to eight years old in mind, YOUNG by GRAYE’s first drop includes onesies, T-shirts, and three-quarter trousers – three essential clothing items for the little ones.

Made for mums by a mum herself, Founder & Creative Director Xie Qian Qian set out to tackle issues many mums face with the new collection; inspired by issues such as having to repeatedly get new clothes for her quick-growing toddler, constantly re-organising and swapping clothes, and needing to familiarise herself with differing size measurements across different brands.


, GRAYE launches new kids clothing line, YOUNG by GRAYE


YOUNG focuses on pieces that are made to last and grow with your child, presenting functional solutions such as oversized onesies for babies and toddlers that cater to different baby body types. With her revolutionary roomy-cut design, only two sizes are needed before the baby reaches two years old.

Their onesies are T-shirts are made using the beloved Cupro Tee material for that lasting yet tender soft feel. Trousers are cut in GRAYE’s signature 100% linen fabric.

Parents can also extend the lifespan of their YOUNG garments with GRAYE’s complimentary after-sales service by transforming onesies into T-shirts and even customising the revived garment with new prints, patchworks, and more.


To find out more about GRAYE and their YOUNG collection, head over to their website here.