Hendrick’s launches the brand’s first absinthe

Internationally renowned for their vibrant gin, Hendrick’s unveils their latest offering – this time, giving absinthe a makeover with the arrival of the new Hendrick’s Absinthe in Singapore.

The new drink contains the brand’s signature infusions of rose and cucumber, along with other botanicals, for a distinctly floral and refreshingly approachable re-imagination of the famous spirit.


, Hendrick’s launches the brand’s first absinthe


According to Hendrick’s Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie, the new absinthe is similar to gin in its use of botanicals, diverging in taste and type as they employ different botanical compositions. For the uninitiated, absinthe is traditionally an anise-flavoured spirit made using medicinal and culinary herbs, plants, and flowers.

Hendrick’s new interpretation takes the two most important and traditional botanicals in absinthe – wormwood and star anise – and takes them beyond the conventional by combining them with seven additional botanicals, including Hendrick’s Gin’s hallmark rose and cucumber notes.


, Hendrick’s launches the brand’s first absinthe


Bottled at an ABV of 48%, its alcohol content is also lower than traditional absinthes, making them much easier to enjoy as they steer clear of the traditional blend’s fiery strength.

Furthermore, all flavours in Hendrick’s Absinthe are entirely natural and boasts no artificial colouring added, ensuring a clear expression of the spirit that enhances its mix-ability.


To find out more about Hendrick’s Absinthe, head over to their Instagram page here.