Hydroflux redefines modern living with the new HANA Water Purifier

If there’s anything the past couple of years have taught the world, it’s the importance of sanitisation and ensuring that your loved ones stay safe with the highest hygiene standards and cleanest products.

An increasingly common sight in every household – and further highlighted by the pandemic – water filtration systems and countertop water purifiers have become an essential aspect of our day-to-day lives. A healthy household naturally starts with ensuring good and clean drinkable water – which, as we know, is one of the most fundamental elements of our lives. With new innovations and technology, having clean water is now made even more convenient and accessible for us as we go about our day.

, Hydroflux redefines modern living with the new HANA Water Purifier

Providing our homes with high technology filtration systems for more than a decade now, Hydroflux’s extensive portfolio of water filtration products boast a solution for every requirement. From countertop dispensers and standing water dispensers to undersink filtration systems – you name it, they have it.

Their quality solutions are all proudly made in Korea by trusted manufacturers and have undergone rigorous testing, with standards certified by TÜV SÜD PSB, SGS, bizSAFE3, and Korean governing bodies.

, Hydroflux redefines modern living with the new HANA Water Purifier

Showcasing a comprehensive range of household products to elevate our homes and daily lives, Hydroflux offers everything to help us maintain our households at top hygiene standards, from water filtration systems to an advanced range of air purifiers across different sizes to suit all our different needs.

Constantly on a mission to stay at the forefront of purified water experiences, they’ve unveiled their latest HANA Water Purifier, an altogether aesthetic and versatile piece suitable for everywhere, from the most avant garde of interiors to the smallest micro-kitchens.

, Hydroflux redefines modern living with the new HANA Water Purifier

Weighing in at a mere 5kg, occupying 35cm in height and an ultra slim 11.5cm width, the minimalist unit is a beautiful powerhouse featuring a 180º rotating faucet so we get to place it and use it at any orientation.

Equally effective whether placed vertically or horizontally, the HANA Water Purifier was designed with the consumer’s individual needs and space in mind. Built to rotate at the front with five designated latch points, we get to adjust the water outlet freely without worry of restricted access even if it’s tucked between or behind surrounding appliances.

, Hydroflux redefines modern living with the new HANA Water Purifier

Don’t judge it by its compact build though, the new purifier offers a fast and powerful water flow rate, boasting 3 different instant temperatures that users can easily select from its touch sensor display: 85ºC at Hot, 27ºC at Room, and 6ºC at Cold. Even its elegant touch sensor display comes with a matte finish that prevents fingerprint marks and smudges even after heavy use.

On top of offering a consistent and smooth flow of water, HANA is also equipped with self-sterilising capabilities. Simply hold on to the button for cold water and HANA will activate a pasteurisation heat treatment to eliminate bacteria and viruses, effectively upkeeping the highest hygiene standards for the purifier’s internal tank and tubing.

, Hydroflux redefines modern living with the new HANA Water Purifier


And that’s not all: users can easily change HANA’s single, 3-in-1 water filter by simply lifting up its cover and giving it a casual twist. Using a single filter, it also removes the hassle of having to worry about tracking the cycle of multiple filters; gone are the days where we need to apply forceful pressures or engage a technician just to manage our purifiers.

So if you’re looking to install a new water purifier that’s aesthetic, unique, and designed to fit your space, the HANA Water Purifier from Hydroflux is definitely one to check out.

To find out more about Hydroflux’s HANA Water Purifier, head over to their website here.