Kim’s Duet launches Singapore’s first-ever Oat Milk kopi and cocoa

Known for their steadfast dedication towards their craft and non-wavering passion to produce the best and most representative Singapore Traditional Coffee experiences for over 3 decades now, Kim Guan Guan’s local steeped coffee and tea products have made enjoying our daily dose of teh and kopi so much easier since the introduction Kim’s Duet and their single-serve filter bags.

Designed so we get to savour the authentic deal anytime, their teh and kopi variants even include choices of less-sugar and no-sugar. Now with even more options for locals to enjoy, Kim’s Duet launches their newest Oat Milk Series, including Singapore’s first-ever Oat Milk Kopi-C Kosong and Oat Milk Hot Cocoa.


, Kim’s Duet launches Singapore’s first-ever Oat Milk kopi and cocoa


Constantly aspiring to meet the evolving tastes of consumers, Kim’s Duet preserves the rich heritage of our local kopi culture with fuss-free sachets of high-quality, authentic brews. Pushing boundaries to cater to an increasing demand for dairy-free, vegan-friendly options, their latest innovations introduce a healthier alternative, suitable even for the lactose-intolerant.

Endorsed by HPB with a Healthier Choice Symbol, their uniquely Singaporean taste shines in the new Oat Milk Kopi-C Kosong. The first of its kind in the market, look forward to the rich aroma and robust taste of Singaporean coffee, alongside the guilt-free creaminess of oat milk without any added sugar. Made of 100% pure ground coffee and oat milk powder with no artificial flavouring, fans can now conveniently enjoy this vegan-friendly treat within 3 minutes, at any time of day.


, Kim’s Duet launches Singapore’s first-ever Oat Milk kopi and cocoa


Made with 12% quality cocoa and minimal sugar, the Kim’s Duet Oat Milk Hot Cocoa presents an indulgent cup of rich chocolatey goodness, with all the comfort minus the guilt. Suitable even for the young, it boasts no artificial flavouring and no palm oil – a perfect stepping stone for parents to introduce non-dairy milk options to the kids.

Interested to find out more in person? Head over to Jewel Changi Airport from now till May 31 to check out Kim’s Duet’s inaugural pop-up, where you’ll get to sample the new series and even purchase them at promotional prices.


For more information on Kim’s Duet, visit their website here.