Kyssva introduces Asia’s first-ever microbiome-friendly face mask

With beauty and grooming standards constantly expanding, advancements and innovations in the world of beauty products have also been progressing in leaps and bounds these days. Specialising in proprietary microbiome-friendly products, homegrown skincare brand Kyssva looks to shake up the industry with Asia’s first-ever microbiome-friendly face mask.

Committed to finding natural and effective solutions that target problematic skin conditions, Kyssva also sets out to provide revolutionary skincare products that are accessible and affordable to everyone.


, Kyssva introduces Asia’s first-ever microbiome-friendly face mask


Through meticulous research using high quality, sustainable, and clean ingredients, Kyssva taps into ongoing studies and technological developments on active microbiome skincare to create products that support the skin’s natural balance and promote optimal skin health.

Perfect for those with sensitive skin looking to achieve a glass-like, hydrated look, their AGLOW Instant Dewy Mask contains four types of Hyaluronic Acids that deliver a watery glow and promote cellular repair, alongside the desert resurrection plant – their star ingredient – which helps to prevent premature aging by protecting the skin from oxidation.

Also containing Cica, the mask effectively soothes and reduces redness on irritated skin; an ideal solution for people with sensitive skin looking for clean beauty products without any preservatives.


, Kyssva introduces Asia’s first-ever microbiome-friendly face mask


As a microbiome-friendly product, the AGLOW Instant Dewy Mask is able to protect and take advantage of the diverse community of microorganisms that live on the skin’s surface. These organisms play a crucial role in maintaining skin health by forming a protective barrier against harmful bacteria, maintaining moisture balance, and regulating inflammation.

A natural and effective solution for people of all ages, genders, and skin types, the mask saw a highly successful sell-out debut, and has since been garnering increasing demand and reorder rates. Don’t miss out on this ground-breaking skincare gem yourself.


To grab the AGLOW Instant Dewy Mask or find out more about Kyssva, head over to their website here now.