Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie opens a new chocolate factory at Dempsey Hill

On a mission to elevate the Asian cacao scene, homegrown peddler of the finest artisanal chocolates, Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie, brings us on a new experiential journey with the opening of their chocolate factory at Dempsey Hill.

Spanning close to 5,000 square feet, the brand-new lifestyle destination features Singapore’s first ever build-your-own chocolate slab station, an indoor and outdoor dining experience, as well as a scene-stealing chocolate dispensary where guests can grab their favourite treats with their own containers.


, Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie opens a new chocolate factory at Dempsey Hill


Reinventing notions of traditional chocolate factories, Mr. Bucket’s Dempsey Factory welcomes us with vibrant décor and interiors, complementing their series of engaging experiences to bring us deeper into the world of chocolate. With an expanded menu that takes us on a trip through the multitude of flavours that cacao beans can produce, they boast use of only responsibly sourced single-estate Asian chocolate – serving up everything from bon bons and bars, to drinking chocolate and cacao wine, all of which are made fresh daily.

There, patrons also get to watch the magic happen, with dedicated viewing points across the store for us to witness the entire bean-to-bar process, watching Mr. Bucket’s chocolate makers at work sorting, roasting, tempering, before finally crafting the rich chocolate into an array of delicious treats.


, Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie opens a new chocolate factory at Dempsey Hill


At The Tasting Room, dive into the Asian cacao scene with a specially curated tasting set that highlights beans from a farm in Panchor, Malaysia. Alternatively, go for their classic crowd favourites like the Chewy Chocolate Cookie, Sea Salt Brownie, Banana Walnut Muffin, as well as the decadent Dark Chocolate Choux Puff and Chocolate Passionfruit Tart.

Mr. Bucket’s sustainable, no-waste approach to the cacao fruit also means patrons can pick from a selection of beverages expertly crafted using all parts of the fruit to complement their bakes. Have a taste of their Cacao Husk Lemon Tea, a thirst quencher made from cacao husks infused with lemon, or a classic Iced Chocolate, made by steeping 64% Panchor granules in milk.


To find out more, head over to Mr. Bucket’s website here.