On your own sweet time: Head to Sugar K Peel Bar for 20-min express facials

, On your own sweet time: Head to Sugar K Peel Bar for 20-min express facials

You might have heard about Kew Organics, an organic facial bar offering a comprehensive and targeted menu of organic face and body treatments. Founded by Lily Kew in 2014, the Made With Passion brand harnesses the power of organic skincare – all its products are cruelty-free, gentle, and ethically derived in all their processes and practices – to deliver clear, healthy and glowing skin to men and women the au naturel way.

, On your own sweet time: Head to Sugar K Peel Bar for 20-min express facials

Then came sister brand Sugar K Organic Peel Bar a few years later. Sugar K, located within all three Kew Organics outlets in Singapore, offers fuss-free express facial treatment services targeted specifically at those with busy lifestyles. 

Don’t expect any pampering services – you are basically in and out of treatment in 20 minutes. At the Cluny Court outlet, I was ushered into a semi-private area with four treatment chairs (I suggest those who are particular about privacy to consider the full-service facials under Kew Organics). 

To treat my rosacea, I was recommended the Clear Skin Treatment Essence which contains a cocktail of antioxidants and active ingredients to increase the skin’s natural flora defences. 

Then I was given the Hydra Oxygen Infusion treatment which, together with the essence, intensively hydrated my skin for a naturally healthy glow. It was also immediately soothed and not as red or irritated as before.

, On your own sweet time: Head to Sugar K Peel Bar for 20-min express facials

Treatments can be combined, depending on one’s skin condition. A signature treatment is the Organic Peel, all-natural peel made with glycolic acid derived from sugar cane, and organic citrus fruit acids to trigger the new formation of collagen to plump up the skin and reduce fine line and wrinkles. Another is Microdermabrasion which helps to exfoliate and remove the excessive dead skin cells, sebum and dirt to reveal smoother skin and a brighter complexion.

Continue the treatment at home with Kew Organics products. The Intensive Skin Renewal Gel, for example, comes in a newly launched refreshed formula that replenishes moisture and soothes skin, thanks to ingredients such as matcha and aloe vera.

Sugar K Organic Peel Bar is located at Kew Organics outlets at Everton Park, Cluny Court, and Clarke Quay. For more information, visit keworganics.com.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Kew Organics has collaborated with Singapore Flyer to offer a unique skincare masterclass in the sky. The Clean Beauty In the Sky Workshop is on May 13, 3.30pm to 5.15pm. Founder Lily Kew will share skincare tips and application techniques. Participants will also be able to try out the Kew Organics Needle-less Rejuv Anti-Aging range, and the new Kew Organics Resurrect Synbiotic Booster which contains both prebiotics and probiotics to protect skin. Get tickets here.