Product Review: Shark CleanSense IQ+ Cordless Handstick Vacuum

, Product Review: Shark CleanSense IQ+ Cordless Handstick Vacuum

Cordless vacuums are a common sight in homes these days. Compared to corded ones, they are lightweight, compact and easy to maneuver, making them ideal for small apartments and HDB flats. 

The newest entry to this cleaning solution category is Shark’s CleanSense Cordless Handstick Vacuum. Available in IQ and IQ+ models, this vacuum promises to offer convenience, power, and efficiency for a spotless home. Simply put, it has been engineered to simplify home cleaning. 

SG Magazine had the chance to try the IQ+ model for a few weeks. Here’s our review. 

, Product Review: Shark CleanSense IQ+ Cordless Handstick Vacuum

Out of the box
Assembling the CleanSense Cordless Handstick Vacuum was easy. Just snap on the relevant parts, charge the device and you are good to go. It takes about four hours for the battery to be fully charged. 

The IQ+ model comes with a dock and several attachments for different cleaning needs. The dock ensures it is automatically charged when it is not in use, and features an Auto-Empty System which automatically empties dirt and debris into the bagless base. No manual emptying of the dust cup is required. Inside the Auto Empty Dock Cleaner is a HEPA filter that captures and traps 99.9 percent of dust and allergens inside. 

Easy and convenient
The first thing we immediately noticed was the weight. At a slim 2.2 kilograms (due to the carbon fibre material), it was easier to hold and maneuver. 

The 260-watt vacuum picks up dirt and debris relatively well using the main motorised floorhead. This Hybridclean multi-surface brushroll is able to tackle both hard floors and carpets, and actively separates and removes hair while it cleans. A quick inspection of the brushroll after several cleaning sessions revealed it was indeed tangle-free.

Curiously however, it seems to suck up the debris better when using a forward motion compared to a backward motion. Whether it was due to a quirk in the design of the brushroll or other factors, this meant we had to pass an area several times to ensure it was clean. 

, Product Review: Shark CleanSense IQ+ Cordless Handstick Vacuum

Its intuitive user interface displays real-time battery levels and mode selection, and features LED rings that illuminate when sensors detect high amounts of debris, and change colours as the area is cleaned.

The Multi-Flex Wand made it easy to reach under low furniture. The flexible wand bends so cleaning under beds, sofas and coffee tables were a breeze.

, Product Review: Shark CleanSense IQ+ Cordless Handstick Vacuum

High-tech boost
The vacuum has been engineered with the latest Smart IQ Pro technology that enables the machine to automatically detect and react intuitively to every mess in the home. The four smart deep cleaning technologies – Dirt Detect, Floor Detect, Edge Detect, and Light Detect –  automatically boosts power on hidden dirt, double suction on edges and corners, optimises cleaning based on floor type and automatically illuminates hidden debris in low-light areas. 

The features are certainly helpful. We could feel and hear the motor working extra hard over areas that were particularly dirty or when vacuuming over carpets. The light was much appreciated, making cleaning dark spaces an easier task. 

The Smart IQ PRO features are activated only when using handstick vacuum in IQ mode, which brings forth the issue of battery life.

While we had about 40 minutes of run time in Eco mode (as stated by the brand), we only had about 25 minutes on IQ mode. There were several instances where we were not able to cover all areas in a five-room HDB flat. The battery went flat and it was back to the charging dock for another few hours. 

, Product Review: Shark CleanSense IQ+ Cordless Handstick Vacuum

The additional accessories provided – Dust Crevice, Motorized Hand, Wide Upholstery and Pet Multi Tools – were particularly useful for cleaning various areas around the home such as tabletops, keyboards and window blinds.

Shark CleanSense IQ+ Cordless Handstick Vacuum is an all-rounder that’s great for everyday cleaning. With the $899 price tag, we say it’s a good option. The IQ model is priced at $799, but we think it’s worth shelling out a little more for the Auto-Empty Dock. Both are available at online platforms Amazon, Lazada, and Shopee, and at retail stores including Best Denki, Courts, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount Store, as well as departmental stores Metro and Tangs. 

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • LED display with real-time readouts
  • Auto-charging at dock
  • Automatically empties dirt and debris into the bagless base
  • Accessories for different cleaning needs



  • Short battery life
  • Average suction power

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