Product review: The Dyson Airwrap, everyone’s favourite hair styling tool

, Product review: The Dyson Airwrap, everyone’s favourite hair styling tool

Today, we’ve got yet another Dyson review for you: everyone’s favourite hair styling tool, the iconic Dyson Airwrap. Let’s find out if it lives up to the hype!

How does the Dyson Airwrap work?

, Product review: The Dyson Airwrap, everyone’s favourite hair styling tool

A multi-functional hair styling tool, the Dyson Airwrap can dry, shape and curl your hair using minimal heat, as well as smoothen pesky flyaways. Instead of using high heat like most hair styling tools, it relies on powerful air and the Coanda effect, which allows your hair to automatically follow the styler’s airflow.

This means it styles your hair using air instead of extreme heat, reducing damage. The Dyson system inside the Airwrap also checks the air temperature at least 40 times per second, controlling it to ensure it never exceeds 150 degrees.

The concentrated air makes the styler more powerful than a standard hair dryer too; we certainly noticed a much quicker drying time, even with long, dense hair.

As for the tools and attachments in the box, they can seem somewhat overwhelming at first, comprising various curling wands, round brushes and smoothing brushes.

We actually dropped by the Dyson store at VivoCity to get a styling demo and learned a lot about the styler and the various attachments in the process, which made things seem much simpler. If the tools confuse you too, we highly recommend booking a session there!

The Aiwrap smoothing dryer and brushes
Speaking of the Airwrap attachments, the smoothing dryer tool is definitely our favourite in the styler’s lineup. It functions as a hair dryer, a flyaway smoother and even a potential styling tool if you want a very soft blowout.

We’re very lazy people in the morning, so being able to dry and style hair in minutes with a really simple tool has been super convenient.

Another tool we particularly like is the round brush. Having previously tried styling hair with a classic dryer and a separate round brush (the kind you can find at any grocery store), we were rather unsuccessful, getting the hair tangled in the bristles.

Thankfully, the Airwrap round brush is designed much better than your standard, off-brand round brush and leads to no tangling whatsoever. If you want a quick salon blowout with some nice curtain bangs but have no time for elaborate curls, the round brush will be your go-to!

The Airwrap also comes with a smoothing brush, which is available for both frizz-prone and fine hair.

This tool is much less exciting than the others, but it gets the job done. Smoothening and brushing the hair while using the Airwrap’s strong airflow can certainly be convenient, especially if you’re aiming for a sleek and straight look.

Trying the self-wrapping curling wand

, Product review: The Dyson Airwrap, everyone’s favourite hair styling tool

If elaborate curls are what you’re looking for, the curling wands may be your cup of tea. These curling attachments come in various sizes, depending on the length of your hair and the curl size you’re aiming for.

What’s really special about the curling barrels is that they are built using the Coanda effect, meaning that the airflow automatically attracts and directs your hair, self-wrapping it into the curl and keeping it in place for as long as you wish.

The curling is quick, but even if you leave your hair on the styler a little longer, there are no signs of damage due to the low heat.

Because it works by holding the hair in place and shaping it as it dries along the styler, the Airwrap curling attachment is best used on humid hair—something that can save you lots of time if you’re styling your hair straight out of the shower.

You can also change the direction of the curls, so you can personalise your style and make the Coanda airflow work for you on both sides. Changing the direction is very straightforward, with intuitive arrow icons that make it easy to deduce the correct curling direction while looking in the mirror.

The self-wrapping itself takes a bit of getting used to and doesn’t always go smoothly, as you need to angle the wand the right way to attract the hair strands. We struggled a little at the start but eventually got the hang of it and managed some beautiful curls.

Something worth noting is that the curls definitely don’t stay as long as when using hot tools. The Dyson stylist at the demo recommended using some hairspray to keep them in place longer.

Final thoughts
All in all, we’ve been really impressed with the Dyson Airwrap and couldn’t recommend it enough as a multi-styler. Despite its rather steep price point, it’s a worthy investment that will give you that elusive salon blowout at home with relative ease.

If you’re curious about the Dyson Airwrap and want to see the tools in action, we recommend checking out the style guides and tips on Dyson’s website.

Make sure to book a styling appointment at the VivoCity Dyson store too so you can experience the Airwrap in person and get some professional styling tips!

A version of this article first appeared in SquareRooms.