Skin Inc. launches new Deepcare Blemish SOS Patches to combat acne

Known for their innovation in high-tech skincare and beauty solutions, Skin Inc. Supplement Bar has gained huge global recognition for their data-driven, customisable skincare products, and passionate dedication to employing the most cutting-edge beauty technology for more than a decade now.

The brand that gave us the famed My Daily Dose Cocktail Serum and winner of over 150 beauty awards worldwide, Skin Inc. is now expanding their product line with the introduction of the Deepcare Blemish SOS Patches, a quick solution for all your breakout troubles and hormonal acne woes.


, Skin Inc. launches new Deepcare Blemish SOS Patches to combat acne


Backed by skin marker data from the +SABI AI app, acne amongst adults is an increasingly common problem in the recent period, going beyond our skin to affect our mental wellbeing and confidence in our daily lives.

Containing a system of micro darts to enhance delivery of active ingredients beneath the skin surface, the Deepcare Blemish SOS Patches penetrate the top layer of skin and target pimples by actively blocking their progress.

Formulated with key ingredients such as tea tree oil and cica to fight inflammation and help treat inflammatory acne, as well as salicylic acid to clear acne, their microdart patches are easy for home use, convenient, and offer highly active ingredient efficacy.


, Skin Inc. launches new Deepcare Blemish SOS Patches to combat acne


Not only are they dissolving and completely painless, micro darts also help to prevent scarring and help to strengthen the skin barrier to minimise acne from appearing in future. Simply apply and press a patch onto freshly cleaned face for 20 seconds, let it work its magic, then remove after 6 to 8 hours.

For quicker results, pair your SOS patches with Skin Inc.’s Tri-Light + SABI AI, My Daily Dose of Armour Serum, and Vitamin B3 Serum – all of which help to soothe skin irritation, minimise appearance of pores, strengthens and smoothens skin.


To find out more about Skin Inc. and the new Deepcare Blemish SOS Patches, head over to their website here.