Try the globally coveted Sheep Placenta Facial at Aesthetic & Co

Of the multitude of beauty and wellness options we have at our disposal these days, it’s hard to keep track of all the new research and recommendations surfacing every day. Yet, if there’s one thing that many of us have heard of before, in one way or another, it’s about the many benefits of placenta. Yes – the placenta that surrounds a foetus in the womb, providing a developing baby with nutrients and oxygen, while removing harmful toxins.

Chock-full of useful nutrients and amino acids due to its function, they bring many benefits to our skin. Using only the highest-grade sheep placenta, the Aesthetic & Co chain offers us the highly-raved about Sheep Placenta Facial.


, Try the globally coveted Sheep Placenta Facial at Aesthetic & Co


Because sheep placenta has a protein base that is close to our own cellular make-up, our skin is able to easily recognise and absorb it, allowing all the beneficial proteins and nutrients to get to work on a deeper cellular level. On top of boosting collagen production in the skin, sheep placenta also helps with encouraging skin renewal, and reducing inflammation and redness.

Regarded as a “close to perfect treatment” by industry professionals, the Sheep Placenta Facial produces an immediate face-lifting effect in a natural way and with no downtime, making it an ideal solution for pre-event facials, major appearances, important interviews, and special occasions.


, Try the globally coveted Sheep Placenta Facial at Aesthetic & Co


Here to help us achieve that youthful, radiant skin of our dreams, the Sheep Placenta Facial begins with a deep cleanse, nano skin polish, followed by an oxygen infusion with an activator. The placenta is then applied liberally before going under an Omega LED light to aid in absorption and healing. Clients are then given a lifting facial massage with a growth factor cream, enhanced with a radiofrequency treatment to stimulate collagen production and renewal.


Excited to give your skin a new lease of life? Specially for SG Magazine readers, first-time customers of Aesthetic & Co get to enjoy the coveted treatment at an exclusive trial price of just $168!


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