The eleventh day of the eleventh month of 2011; a magical date. Some are getting married, others will mass-forward messages explaining the rarity of such a day and others will be looking for a memento to mark it. That last reason seems to be the sole purpose of this movie’s existence.
Ever taken a glance at a clock to see it read 11:11? Best-selling American author Joseph Crone (Timothy Gibbs, a poor man’s George Clooney) has, but he begins to realize that the pair of 11s has sinister significance. His wife and son died in a fire, with the latter’s time of death recorded as 11:11. He has nightmares about the incident, and he wakes up at 11:11. He gets into a car accident at 11:11. As November 11, 2011, approaches, he gets a call from his brother (Michael Landes) informing him of his father’s grave state of health. Joseph returns to his family home in Barcelona, but all is not right. He receives vague warnings from various people about how “they are coming” for him. He finds out about entities called “Midwayers,” beings from between this world and another who gain power at 11:11, whom he has to protect his brother, a visionary pastor, from.
If that sounds like a load of convoluted drivel then you’re only just beginning to comprehend how bad 11-11-11 is. Like a nightmare straight out of B-Movie hell, 11-11-11 has a script so lazily written that comparing it to a school project would tarnish the value of education. Never mind that the cast is devoid of a single recognizable face, not one of the no-names can be bothered to give anything more than a stilted, phoned-in performance. At least the movie’s poster is kind enough to warn that it’s “From the Director of Saw II, III & IV.”