Imagine Me & You

Imagine Me & You is about a girl who falls for someone else other than the groom on her wedding day. But if you’re expecting your typical My Best Friend’s Wedding script, you’ll be sorely disappointed because this one’s nothing like it.
The film opens with protagonist Rachel (Piper Perabo, Coyote Ugly) tying the knot with best friend Heck (Matthew Goode, Match Point). At the reception, Cooper (Darren Boyd, The Legend of the Tamworth Two), Heck’s suave best man, meets and takes an interest in Luce (Lena Headey, The Brothers Grimm), the pretty florist who does the equally pretty wedding decorations. Rachel decides to play matchmaker to Luce and Cooper, and invites both home for dinner. Little does Rachel know that Luce is gay, and that the latter is seriously into her, rather than Cooper.
In spite of her heterosexual love for her new husband, Rachel cannot help but be drawn to Luce as well, and sees her as a potential soul-mate. Rachel starts to wonder if things could work out between them, and distances herself from Heck, who remains classically clueless about his wife’s impending homosexuality. Struggling with sexual tension, Rachel confronts Luce before a romp on the roses (literally), and is later faced with the prospect of choosing between Heck and her new found love.
More than just another gay film, audiences will be treated to spates of laughter in between serious moments in the film. Two of the funniest scenes here include Cooper trying to convert Luce to heterosexuality, and Rachel almost getting caught by her mother renting a porn video (titled Georgie’s Bush, no less).
And no, Imagine Me & You isn’t tacky. With a well-rounded script, great acting and witty dialogue, it is worth a spot in your busy calendar. Presenting love in all its forms and guises, this one’s for anyone who’s been in love and who celebrates love, gay or straight.