The LEGO Movie: Mini yellow men on adrenaline

See the wildest LEGO inventions you’d have dreamt up built on the big screen in this latest animated blockbuster by directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs).

In Bricksburg, the bland and law-abiding construction worker Emmet (Chris Pratt, Parks and Recreation) leads an ordinary life of routine. His world is upset when he stumbles across the legendary Piece of Resistance, and is mistaken to be the “Special” from the prophecy. Leading a hastily assembled crew of Master Builders including rebel chick Wyldstyle, hippie wizard Vitruvius, the Batman, excitable spaceman Benny, cyborg pirate Metalbeard and unicorn cat hybrid Unikitty, Emmet sets out to stop evil tyrant Lord Business and get their world out of a sticky mess.

The film tackles the issue of creative liberation and the notion of perfection in today’s world, where imagination seems to be caged to the instruction manual, restricted by rules and results. Creation should be fun, and The LEGO Movie is insanely good fun, filled with hilarious lines, silly gags and current pop culture references. But the film seems to have exceeded the limits just that bit—it’s perhaps a little too giddying and a little too long, and tries a little too hard to drive their underlying message home in some of the final scenes.

Still, credit has to be given for turning a giant marketing ad into a fun-for-all-ages, legit film with a heart. The visuals are also stunning, especially the realistic explosions (as far as LEGO animation goes), and the sets, wonderfully detailed. Plus, we went home feeling more cheery than ever, but it is probably also because of the “Everything is Awesome” earworm that we walked out of the cinema with. 

The LEGO Movie is now showing in cinemas islandwide. Book your tickets at Cathay Cineplexes, Filmgarde Cineplex, Golden Village or Shaw Theatres.

Official trailer for The LEGO Movie