My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) has been dating nothing but crazy chicks recently, but when he starts going out with the bookish Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman), all his ex’s begin to look pretty well-adjusted. Neurotic, paranoid and extremely jealous, Jenny eventually gets the boot … and that’s when Matt’s troubles begin. Jenny, as it turns out, is the nigh-indestructible superheroine known as “G-Girl.” And, to put a twist on the old saying, hell hath no fury like a wonder woman scorned.
I have no idea what director Ivan Reitman (“Ghostbusters”) and scriptwriter Don Payne (“The Simpsons”) were thinking when they were making this movie, but if I had to fathom a guess, it’d be that they thought mixing up the worst elements from two of today’s most popular movie genres – the superhero flick and the romantic comedy – would’ve worked. That obviously isn’t the case with “My Super Ex-Girlfriend, which barely even managed to squeeze a chuckle out of me.
And, while certainly no one is expecting Oscar-worthy performances with a movie like this, it’s still a disappointment to see actors like Thurman, Wilson and even the normally hilarious Eddie Izzard (“Ocean’s Twelve”) reduced to playing such horrible roles.
The only real saving graces are Wanda Sykes (“Over the Hedge”) and Rainn Wilson (“The Office”). Sykes works her usual sharp-tongued charm as the supervisor perpetually on Saunders’ case. Her reaction to Matt calling her “home girl” was one of the few memorable scenes in the movie. Rainn Wilson, on the other hand, while playing a bigger role than Sykes, didn’t have any particular stand out moments, but generally provided a snigger or two as Matt’s sleazy best friend Vaughn.
There are tons of great romcoms and superhero flicks out there – but “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” doesn’t qualify under either category. Almost entirely unfunny and perpetually pointless, you’ll be better off if you just give this one a miss.
Best Bit: Hot superheroine-on-superheroine action.