The OH in Ohio

High flying executive Priscilla (Parker Posey, Superman Returns) and biology teacher Jack (Paul Rudd, The 40 Year-Old Virgin) are trapped in a passionless, dead-end marriage—and it’s all because of Jack’s inability to give Priscilla an orgasm. Things only get worse when Jack walks in on Priscilla getting some much needed sexual relief from—oh, horror of horrors!—a vibrator. His self-esteem at an all-new low, Jack moves into the garage and embarks on an affair with his bright and beautiful student Kristen (Mischa Barton, TV’s The OC). Priscilla, in the meantime, begins to develop an unhealthy addiction to her “battery operated boyfriend,” which leads her on her own quest to find Mr. (or even Ms.) Right.
After Sex and the City lifted the taboo of openly and honestly talking about even the most intimate aspects of sex, movies that would’ve once been considered daring for dealing with such topics have become common fare. Don’t get us wrong—the plot for The OH in Ohio is quite entertaining (even though it does get a little lost towards the end), but on it’s own it wouldn’t have been able to hold our attention for the entire film. That is, if it wasn’t for the brilliant performances of the entire cast.
After trying her hand at summer blockbusters like Superman Returns, indie movie darling Posey has finally returned to what she does best—smaller, quality flicks. Channeling the charming goofiness of her earlier works like The Misadventures of Margaret, Posey would’ve stolen almost every scene she was in, if she was paired off with a lesser comedic actor than Paul Rudd. Charismatically deadpan and resigned, Rudd turns in a great performance and makes this loveable loser quite endearing.
Even Mischa Barton surprised us. Sure, it’s no breakthrough performance on her part, but it certainly is a step-up from pouting all the time in The OC. There’re also a couple of brief—but hilarious and even heartwarming—appearances from veterans Danny DeVito (Be Cool) and Liza Minnelli (TV’s Arrested Development).
Good for a few laughs and particularly enjoyable if you’re a fan of any of the cast, The OH in Ohio may be a straightforward sexual comedy, but it’s still worth venturing into.