Play Review: Pluck! Musical Arson

Classical music concerts are supposed to be stuffy, high-brow, sit-down affairs where no body part moves except upper limbs and, sometimes, lips. If you’re into that, don’t go see Pluck! Musical Arson. For what you’ll get from this Edinburgh Fringe Festival favorite of a comedy string trio will fall flat of that expectation.
Arrogant violin and awkward viola jostle for center stage while the cello holds her own against the schoolboy antics of the two. What ensues is a lot of knocking about, running around and general bitchiness, but despite being so severely distracted (like having trousers ripped off mid-song and playing viola while ensnared in a curtain) all three play beautifully, keeping perfect timing and missing not a single note.
If you think you know nothing about classical music, you might be well surprised that you’ll recognize every tune played in this performance (we certainly were). And who would’ve thought The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix could sound so good on violin, viola and cello.
And while classical musicians typically don’t bother interacting with the audience while they play, you can expect something completely different from this trio. You can expect to be teased, taunted, seduced and possibly kissed. And made to play instruments.
Classical music need not be boring, and Pluck! proves it so. Go see it already.