Cocktail bar fit for a Michelin-starred restaurant

Singapore’s only Michelin-starred Indian restaurant, The Song of India, has set up accompanying cocktail bar Amrith (meaning “nectar of the gods” in Sanskrit), in recognition of a need for quality mixology within their Scotts Road dining compound.

Formerly a guest waiting area for the restaurant, the cozy space at the foot of the steps leading up to Song of India is now a 15-seater cocktail bar with the guys from consultancy BarSmiths as the brains behind the drinks. What you’ll find here are well-thought through concoctions by veteran bartenders Mark Tay (Nektar) and Edwin Poh (Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall) that not only engage your senses, but also reimagines what a cocktail can comprise.

Take a bar stool seat (there are only bar-side seating indoors, while the al fresco seating immediately outside is not recommended) and leaf through their extensive five-act cocktail menu, where some of the item names you won’t find out of place at a hawker centre. There’re the savory Katong Laksa ($26) and Hainanese Chicken Rice ($26), the two most standout cocktails thanks to the fame of their namesake dishes. The former is a concoction of laksa broth, shrimp essence and vodka (and comes with actual strands of rice noodles), while the latter is made using sesame-washed rye and served with a side of steamed chicken slices.

But to focus only on these two limelight-stealers will not be representative of Amrith. Those who prefer something more spirit-forward, the classics, or creative takes on classics will find plenty to enjoy here as well.

Try the King Willem’s Tea Party ($22), Tay’s version of the Long Island Iced Tea made using three different kinds of teas and served in a teapot with macarons on the side. There’s also The Peranakan ($22)—ginger-strained gin, fresh lemon, pandan gomme and a spray of royal rose mist—a refreshing drink that’s the culmination of Tay’s childhood memories of his grandma’s kitchen. For those who really enjoy savory cocktails, Poh’s Tom Yum Nam Sai ($22) is a clear, vodka-based cocktail filled with all the flavors you’ll expect from tom yum soup, but without any of the usual ingredients of the dish.

If you find yourself peckish from all the faux eating, bar bites from Song of India’s kitchen are available here. You can get the fan favorite Blue Cheese Naan ($8) or Masala Fries ($8) if you wish, or enjoy snacks exclusive to Amrith like the Masala Crispy Chicken Wing ($12) and Chicken Paprika Tikka ($12).

Venue Details
Address: Amrith , 33 Scotts Rd., , 228226 Singapore
Phone: 6732-1365
Area: Central, Orchard
Price Range: $$ - $$$
Open since: March, 2018
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 5-11pm; Fri-Sat 5pm-midnight
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