Avenue Singapore

Nightlife behemoth Tao Group wowed us all with its anchor establishment Marquee Singapore that opened in April 2019. And housed right under the massive nightclub is its lesser known (and we’d love to keep it that way) sister venue Avenue Singapore.

If Marquee sets the stage for wanton partying, then Avenue is the place to be for lounging on plush leather sofas, craft cocktail in hand, and when the mood strikes, for a friendly game of mini bowling, pool or pinball. The elegantly designed space evokes a sense of comfort, feeling more like an underground home den than a posh night joint. It even has its own street level and drive-through entrance.

, Avenue Singapore

For a place so aesthetic, the prices of the cocktails sure are reasonable. All $22, start with the Sunny Island, a best seller, that’s a more floral take on the Pisco Sour. Then get the She’s So East Coast for a herbaceous, refreshing gin-based drink perfect for G&T lovers. Those looking for something more potent should go for the Smokescreen or Camillo’s Cure. The former features a mix of dark rum and peaty whisky for a fruity, smoky concoction, while the latter is their version of a Negroni, with spiced wine added for kicks.

Feeling peckish? It is entirely possible to fill up on their small bites menu. You can’t go wrong with the Crispy Chicken Karaage ($18) that goes really well with the accompanying spicy miso wasabi, while their Grilled Lamb Chops ($20) is filling and addictive thanks to the green curry sauce dip. The Crispy Chicken Gyoza ($16) with soy sambal and the cheesy Wagyu Sliders ($20) are understandably crowd favourites too, while the Waffles Fries ($15) with your choice of dip is an easy go-to.

, Avenue Singapore

You’ll easily spend hours here thanks to the freely available games—a queue tends to form at the mini bowling alley. But add to that a roster of DJs keeping the atmosphere lively and you have yourself a winning formula for a great night out. If coming in a sizable group, book out the karaoke room (there’s a minimum spend requirement) that even comes with its own private bar.