This ultra luxe-looking aviary-themed spot was a collaboration between four Singapore-based entrepreneurs who aren’t strangers to our city’s nightlife entertainment scene. Alexander Chew and Datwani are the co-founders of AR Entertainment, executive producers of Ultra Singapore and owners of one-Michelin-starred restaurant, The Kitchen at Bacchanalia and business club, Madison Rooms. John Bosco Lopez and Philip Poon on the other hand, are veterans on the scene who’ve each had a part to play in venues like Filter, Mink and Bang Bang.

With esteemed credentials on their end, it seems like Avry’s set to become a hit among punters. The partners said that the concept was created with the saying, “Birds of a feather, flock together,” in mind; in the hopes that the spot will become “much like a bird sanctuary” where people can will “feel safe and at home”.

A bird sanctuary indeed, especially with four main “birdcages” around the dancefloor that double up as four of the 16 VIP areas (a table ranges from $1,500-3,000) in the 6,000 sq. ft. venue. DJs will helm the decks in a statement three-meter wide booth with LED screens that stretch out to its surrounding walls. There’s also a Dom Perignon VIP Lounge Booth right at the back—the first in our region—and an 11-meter long bar just next to it.

Every good club needs a good sound system, which is why Avry picked Void Acoustics, who have set up sound systems in places like Eden in Ibiza and Taipei’s Omni, to install their Air Tri Motion series in the main room; making Avry the first in Southeast Asia to have such a setup.

On the visual side of things, creative technology studio V-Squared Labs, who’s responsible for all the multi-sensory visuals you’re probably familiar with at Ultra Music Festival, on American Idol and even artist tours (think Beyonce, Zhu, Skrillex and Steve Aoki), oversees all the cool graphics in the club.

In case you’re not up for loud music and dancing, you can hop over to their day-to-night space and cocktail bar just next door. Hairy Canary will be open earlier on Mondays to Saturdays from 6pm-12am, and can be turned into an extended (read: exclusive) VIP bar for Avry. Headed by Lexis Tan, winner of 2016’s Gin Jubilee prize, the bar will offer a selection of beers, wines and craft cocktails, complemented by a menu of bites and bar snacks. The posh space is decorated with custom floor tiling that resemble the appearance of feathers, cozy lounge areas and a reflective, circular rose gold bar.