If there’s one recurring theme among our generation today, be it in the form of pop culture, films, food, drinks, parties and what-have-you, it’s nostalgia. And you can’t blame them because they grew up a time when things changed really, really quickly; much more than the generation before. This is the generation that started with playing actual toy figurines, to computers, and then smartphones. Sure, we already have the deliciously ’80s-style Level Up, but it doesn’t hurt to have options, right? Enter NINETEEN80, which marks entertainment consultancy A Phat Cat Collective’s first brick-and-mortar joint.

Located in the heart of Tanjong Pagar—literally a hop, skip and a jump away from Kilo Lounge—NINTEEN80 has fitted its otherwise neon-lit space with a bunch of old school arcade games like Space InvadersPac Man and Golden Axe. The consoles aside, Joshua Pillai, managing director of A Phat Cat Collective, said that the space is meant to be a sort of “homage to the old clubs along Mohamed Sultan Road and Boat Quay”. 

The Danish-born self-proclaimed third culture kid and renowned multi-talented set designer Tina Fung, whose resume includes creating whimsical sets for Zouk, Garden Beats and one of Charlie Lim’s videos, worked hand-in-hand with Ashraf Razaque (co-founder of her firm Space Objekt) to inject elements that were mostly iconic to the ‘80s eras into the decor, using materials like cassette tapes. They’ve also created a ribbed pink vortex—a play on light and mirrors—as its entrance. Complementing the fittings are artwork by Singapore-based artist and creator of Kult Magazine, Gallery & Studio, Mojoko, which references arcade games of the ‘80s. 

As for their drinks situation, you can expect a program that stays in line with the ethos of the bar. With a place like this, you really can’t expect anything too serious. They’re having fun with their cocktail selection (which, by the way, are available in jugs too), with drinks like the Long Island Iced Tea (Ice-T “Hustler” Remix) and the Blue Lagoon (Super Disco Blend), as well as original signatures like the strawberry-based Donna Summer and the rum and Malibu-based Club Tropicana. Sip on those as you bop your head to beats from the ‘80s right through to the noughties, courtesy of NINETEEN80’s residents Ollie’Des, YA5TH, Joshua P, Paulsilver, Suren and Bobos.