Pandora’s Garden

Often relegated as the easy-drinking lady’s beverage due to its feminine hue, rose wines are actually the perfect drink for hot and humid Singapore, and Pandora’s Garden, housed within the low-slung rooftop of boutique hotel Ann Siang House, is the first here to try and leverage that fact.

It’s a beautiful square courtyard space with three of its sides walled by the hotel. The remaining side looks out into Club Street, although the close proximity of the next shophouse building means the view is mostly blocked. This creates a sort of escape from the rowdiness of Ann Siang, with Pandora being ensconced within an alcove. On its grounds, a sole Frangipani tree adorned with fairy lights complete the ambience.

Not blushing from being proud of the drink best served chilled on a summer’s day, Pandora currently houses the largest collection of rose wines here, with over 35 labels (it’s not a whole lot but they’re working on growing that number) being offered. Start with a sparkling one, like the Anna Codornui Rose Cava ($15/glass) that’s bright and fruity, or the refreshing Little Black Dress Rose ($14/glass) filled with strawberry and pink grapefruit aromas.

It’s easy to go big here, with 1.5 litre magnums and 3 litre jeroboams going at affordable rates. The fresh and floral Chateau Cavalier Rose magnum goes for only $120, while the crisp and dry La Bargemone Cuvee Rose is sold at $155 for a magnum or $350 for a jeroboam.

If you really want to get the garden party started, mix your drinks and get bottles of elegant Krug Rose Champagne ($888 for a standard bottle) or hard liquor such as gin. In fact, Pandora has a little something for everyone here, and carries artisanal tonics too if you’re more in the mood for a good ol’ G&T. On tap are Stella Artois and Pandora’s Craft Beer (it’s a bespoke rotating craft brew), both $15 a pint, if you’re bent on knocking back brewskies instead.

Come after a meal, but you won’t go hungry even if you hadn’t filled up at nearby Maxwell Food Centre before. Their block of Homemade Jagermeister Pate ($15) is a creamy and addictive rose accompaniment served with bread and chutney, while the British Pork Pie ($15) is a comforting tummy filler. Or just get the Ploughman’s Platter ($30) and have both items served alongside ham, cheddar and various condiments.