Could Peaches be the shining beacon that will fill the void Play left when it closed in 2014? Perhaps, especially when the people running it are the same guys behind Cherry Discotheque and the old Play.

Always a line out the door, this fabulous venue is the current occupant of York Hotel’s basement, where Cherry once was. Walk in and you’ll be welcomed by a blindingly neon-lit peach signboard (the club’s logo), just before stepping into the industrial chic compound on the right. While they play top 40s, R&B, EDM and handbag house, this super inclusive nightspot is all about experiences. They host regular drag shows and play iconic pop hits from way back on certain Saturday nights, and have a narrow “stage”/platform area that stretches from one end of the club, to the back of the DJ console and right to the other end, in case you’re feeling flashy and want to break out some moves for all to see that night. 

And for all the thirsty punters, the Peaches folks have brought back the infamous liquid buffet every Friday (aptly called Swallow, because hey, spitters are quitters), where the first 100 patrons get to indulge in endless glasses of selected housepours at only $35. There are a couple of tables surrounding the dance floor and on the mezzanine floor above the main bar for all the kweens who prefer to schmooze over a couple of drinks. Expect your usual suspects like Snow Leopard, Grey Goose, Hendricks, Glenlivet and Martell VSOP, all going for about $260-750. On regular nights, cover is $28 for regular partygoers and $20 for NSF and students, both inclusive of one drink.

There’s no room for prejudice and judgement here in Peaches; everyone is welcome, as long as you’re in for a good night. It took them three years to find a new location after having a good five-year run at Tanjong Pagar (Kilo Lounge has now taken over the premises). But what will be, will be, and they’re looking ahead to throw more sexy, kitschy parties for the community.