Discover the 10 Best Izakayas and Sake Bars in Singapore

Finding a good sake bar or izakaya in Singapore has never been easier, thanks to a thriving Japanese community in Singapore, as well as the love of the experience by locals here. Whether you’re looking to enjoy only the finest Junmai Daiginjo or rough it out with bottles of Futsu-shu, these places got you covered.


bam japanese izakaya, japanese small plates

Sample the unusual pairing of sake and Spanish cuisine at BAM!. This Spanish-Japanese restaurant has close to 100 sake labels and of course, a sake sommelier on hand to recommend you the right pairing for your meal. On offer are premium sake offerings from many of Japan’s renowned breweries. Definitely come for the food as well.

Bar Ippudo

izakaya restaurants, japanese sake at bar ippudo

This 12-seater sake gastrobar offshoot of the famous noodle chain carries around 70 bottles of sake from over 20 sake breweries all over Japan, all displayed neatly in chillers for your browsing pleasure. The space doubles as a bottle shop too. Pair your sake with otsumami and bar bites, or enjoy the Hakata-style ramen the brand is truly known for.


chicken wings at boruto, modern izakaya

This modern Japanese tapas and sake bar is sleek and stylish, offering over 80 sake labels, many of them brought in exclusively for Boruto. Be sure to check out the walk-in sake vault (refurbished from an actual bank vault) up on the second floor, where you can peruse premium labels that are priced up to $2,200 a bottle.


donpachi japanese restaurants and sake bar

Formerly known as Dosukoi (which has moved next door to Orchard Plaza), Donpachi is your reward for venturing into the basement of Cuppage Plaza. With the attention to detail and shelves of 1.8L sake bottles, it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s as close as you can get to a Tokyo izakaya without boarding a plane. The mishmash of different sake cups used is a nice touch too.

Izakaya Hikari

izakaya hikari, izakayas in singapore

Izakayas should be kept simple. Comforting nosh and drink coupled with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere are all you need. And at Izakaya Hikari found within Fortune Centre, that’s exactly what you’re gonna get. A wide selection of izakaya staples (edamame, sashimi, yakitori etc.) can be found here, forming the backbone of a solid menu. But you’ll find less common eats as well, the gooey-good natto udon being a case in point. Get an ice-cold mug of Sapporo draft to start, before moving on to a bottle or two of sakes to share with the group as your evening progresses.


Japanese bites and sake at kabuke

Bringing together quality sake, modern Japanese cuisine and the artistry of kabuki theater, Kabuke has something to offer whether you’re a sake newbie or aficionado. Their in-depth but easy-to-follow menu and tasting flights will give you a brisk education on sake styles, grades and regions. Have any questions? Just ask sake sommelier Keiji Heng.

Kakure (Ki-Sho)

cosy izakaya at kakure kisho, izakaya singapore

Found on the second level of contemporary Japanese restaurant Ki-Sho is this little known, classy sake den. Boasting over 70 labels from all over Japan, come to Kakure if you’re looking more to appreciate than to wantonly imbibe. Still, no one’s gonna stop you from busting open a 1.8L Dassai 23. For nibbles, expect only the elegant and sublime.


mobomoga, izakaya singapore

Low-key, quaint and hidden away from the world, MoboMoga (found through a small wooden door at the back of UE Square in River Valley) is probably the most fun sake bar around, offering izakaya dishes (including a really comforting oden), rare sake and entertainment in good measure. Stick around late into the night for a disco surprise.

Orihara Shoten

orihara shoten izakaya singapore

A longtime Robertson Quay stalwart (2019 marked their 10th anniversary), Orihara is the first name that comes to mind for most people when they think of sake bars. Hosting pairing dinners, masterclasses and tastings, they remain one of the great gateways to the drink in Singapore. Looking to buy bottles home? Just head straight to the back of the shop and pick one from the fridge, then ask for the retail price.

Tomo Izakaya

japanese food, garlic fried rice at tomo izakaya

One of the longest running izakayas around, Tomo Izakaya at the foot of Read Bridge at Clarke Quay is spacious, lively and offers one of the broadest menus you’ll find in a similar establishment. Sit by the river, indoors on tatami chairs, or at regular tables—your choice. The many food and drink promos is just icing on the cake.