Buzz: When it comes to Dunlop Street, the question really is: What didn’t it already have? The answer: An upmarket cocktail joint.Décor: Industrial chic—right down to the metal menus. The space is narrow, but deep, typical of places built into old shophouses, and you might find it similar to the bars on Prinsep Street and Emerald Hill. Also, the bar counter is one giant barcode.Food & Drinks: Barkode is all about two things: Top shelf spirits and mixology (isn’t that word dead, yet?). Of the former, you’ve got U’Luvka and Kauffman vodka, Pappy van Winkle Bourbon, Ron Diplomatico and Damoiseau rum, 7 Leguas Añejo and Siembra Azul tequila as well as Martin Miller’s gin (that’s a non-exhaustive list). They generally go from $12.50-25 a shot and $160-550 a bottle, and they’re served with the Fever Tree range of premium mixers. In terms of the latter, you’ve got three house specials and a whole series of other cocktails (some designed by mixologists Adi Ruiz, Joel Fraser and Richard Gilliam), which are changed every three months. They’re also in the process of installing a small kitchen, and will be open for breakfast in a few weeks’ time.Music: Chilled-out club mixes.Crowd: Cocktail connoisseurs, after-work celebrants, curious passers-by and backpackers.Why you’ll be back: New drinks, new people and the unmatchable atmosphere of Dunlop Street.