Beer Market

The buzz: Beer Market is inspired by a similar concept bar in Barcelona called La Bolsa, which literally means “stock exchange bar.” The bar stays true its motto “Buy Low, Drink High” throughout. The more a particular alcoholic beverage is purchased, the higher its value gets.

The décor: A typical New York broker’s bar, with orange bricks lined side by side with darken mahogany walls and a spacious floor big enough to fill about 300 (sitting and standing). Private booths are available with leather sofas providing a cozy setting for you and about 10 other friends. Two bars situated within beer throwing distance, multiple LCD screens telecasting the market prices, EPL and other sports and smaller high tables and bar stools make the joint rather bustling.

The drinks: Your drinks, your call. Here’s a tip, come early at 730pm as the prices on the “market” start relatively low. Depending on the type of drinks you are looking at (bottled beers or liquors), opening prices may vary according to the previous day’s closing price. So, if you are going for beer X tonight and the same beer was in heavy demand the previous night, expect to have to tweak your choice. Look out for the “Crash Px” (Crash Price) sign, which flashes when a particular drink is suffering from low demand. Hungry? The kitchen dishes Western, Asian and  tummy-fillers like pastas, pizzas. 

The music: Enjoy live music performances from 8pm onwards on Mondays to Saturdays.

The crowd: A happy medium between working executives and binge drinkers.

Why you’ll be back: Apart from the novelty of having a say on the price you pay for alcoholic beverages, the food menu is something to look out for.

Beer Market is in I-S Best Bars Guide 2014. Download your copy to see where else you should be partying.