The Belljar

Situated in the heart of the CBD, Belljar houses a restaurant, a whiskey lounge, a cocktail bar and an event space where they hold whiskey classes from time to time. The three-storey establishment is reminiscent to a typical speakeasy in London with a vintage atmosphere, thanks to its dim lighting, plush seats and posters of classic rock bands.
The restaurant on the first floor serves up a medley of dishes (that goes well with whiskey) such as their gochujang pasta ($14), which is made using a spicy and savory Korean paste, and their Har Cheong Siew Yoke ($15), a meaty affair that mashes two all-time local classics, roasted pork belly and prawn paste chicken. Located on the second floor, the whiskey lounge and cocktail bar features a slew of premium whiskies and spirits from all over the world such as Japan, South Africa, India and Ireland. The bartender can also take you on a “world tour” with their range of curated whiskey flights, accompanied by bespoke cocktails to your liking. They also host monthly whiskey appreciation sessions at the atelier, nestled on the top floor.