Boulevard Craft Beers by Archipelago

The Buzz: White collared yuppies in need of that after-work pint rejoice as Boulevard opens its third establishment.

The Vibe: Its interior concept aims for greater group dynamics with furniture configurations designed to create a livelier and more open feel. With long faux teak tables and bar stools, and flat screen TV plastered on wooden paneled walls; the bar is the perfect choice for a night (or even day—it opens from 11am) out with friends.

Food & Drinks: The gourmet bar features a complete range of beers (because we always need more than one) from Summer Ale, Wheat Bier, Bohemian Lager and Irish Ale to its limited edition seasonal brews. What’s great is their sampler section, where you can explore and discover your ideal beer palate. Once you make your selection, choose from 0.3-0.5 liter by the glass (from $8.80 to $15.80) or 1.05-1.5 liter by the jug (from $18.80 to $38.80) offered at different prices throughout the day.Hungry? Indulge in a fine gourmet feast with a combination of authentic British epicurean and colonial Singapore-Malaysian specialties. Suggested choices from their mouth watering menu include Irish lamb stew ($22.80), chicken curry ($15.80) and the signature crackling pork belly (from $9.80).

Music: In an attempt to not drown out the conversation, laidback and contemporary music is played to make for a pleasant ambience.

Crowd: Mostly patronized by working professionals from nearby buildings in the early afternoon, the bar also sees a more dynamic and younger crowd in the evening making it a vibrant place to see and be seen in.

Why you’ll be back: It’s hard to get bored with this joint with their selection of beers and variety of choice food items.

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