The buzz: This new hidden cocktail bar and degustation restaurant tries to sidle into the unofficial cocktail quarters of Keong Saik and Jiak Chuan that’s long been dominated by The Cufflink Club (at least on the cocktail front).

The decor: Steampunk. Paralleling the bar’s name, the place features lots of copper accents on everything from the plaques on the walls to lighting fixtures. Mismatched, vintage art aside, the furnishings include torched and distressed wooden tables and stools, as well as long leather booths that flank one side of the narrow space.

The drinks: There’s a strong emphasis on gin-based drinks and a sizable list of artisanal bottles like Sipsmith Sloe and Citadelle Original. You can customize flavors of gin and tonics (all $18) ranging from apple and nutmeg to coriander and tom yum. And if you grab a drink between Monday and Wednesday, there’s a special $10 G&T for the featured gin of the week. The most interesting, if a little questionable, aspect is the dedicated enomatic machine pumping out pre-bottled creations like the twist on a Negroni, Copper Avenue with Amaretto, bourbon and vermouth ($18).

The food: It’s a mish mash of regional cuisine and comfort food. While nothing screams authenticity, the options are solid companions to drinks. There are options like meatballs ($16) slathered in grape jelly, spiced lamb koftas with harissa mayo ($18) and deep fried spam with fries ($9). And while the babi guling tacos ($18) are far from authentic, it’s a great mouthful of indulgent spiced pork belly in a soft flour shell.

The music: An eclectic mix of electro swing and indie electronica tracks. For a bar, it’s on the softer side so rest assured, you won’t be screaming.

The crowd: It’s still a lesser-known watering hole so it’s mainly made up of the adventurous types waiting to find out what lies behind the heavy black curtains and those in-the-know who have followed the owners from Marina Bay’s Oyster Bar.

Why you’ll be back: The gin and tonics might be a little out there but it’s flavorful and refreshing, making this intimate joint a great choice for after-work drinks in the area.