Damotory Korean Wine House

The buzz: Drinking establishments are a dime a dozen in the Robertson Walk/Quay area, but this recent arrival sets itself apart with one big selling point: its truly inspiring array of Korean tipples.

The décor: Very simple and low-key—just pale wooden tables and benches peppered around the place. Sports fans will want to grab a table at the al fresco courtyard.

The food: The usual suspects such as Bulgogi ($20), kimchijeon (crisp kimchi pancake; $17) and haemul topokki (spicy rice cakes with seafood; $20). With every order, you also get a free bowl of kimchi soup and banchan, of course, and their last food order’s at midnight. Score.

The drinks: As its name suggests, it’s all about the Korean wines here, about 40 of them. Start things off with a refreshing Gookhwasool, chrysanthemum wine ($40/500ml) or fruity Sansachun, mountain apple wine ($30/375ml), before progressing to the more intense offerings like Jayang Bekseju, eight-year-old red ginseng wine ($80/700ml).

The music: None to speak of, just the chatter of patrons and the not-so-occasional
“Gun Bae.”

The crowd: If you didn’t know any better, you’d probably mistake this for somewhere in Korea; although the later it gets, the more you’ll see boozehounds of other nationalities, too.

Why you’ll be back: For a taste of something different when you’re getting your drink on—after all, Korean wine houses are a rarity here. Plus, it saves you a trip to Seoul.

Venue Details
Address: Damotory Korean Wine House, #01-30/31 Robertson Walk, 11 Unity St., Singapore, 237995
Phone: 6235-6787
Area: Robertson Quay
Opening hours: daily 5pm-1am
Nearest trainClarke Quay
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