Martini Firm

Compared to its golden days of 1997-2000, Mohamed Sultan has definitely lost its shine. With new party venues popping up all over our tiny island (only the growing number of pesky financial planners can match their speed), it is not surprising that merry-makers have been neglecting the area. But the resilient party street surprised us with a new birth recently. Perhaps there’s still hope in the midst of garish lights and tacky commercial music.
Pure, classy and sparkling clean, that’s Daybed Bar. Dressed completely in white and accessorized with inviting candle lights, this cool new bar is the brainchild of Mychael Dean. For the past two to three months, PMEBs, creatives and expatriates have been deserting their poor beds at home to snuggle in its welcoming daybeds. Daybed Bar is fast packing ’em in, and it looks set to draw more savvy sophisticates yearning for a snooze as well as a relaxing night out.
Why beds and not chairs? Mychael smiles and retorts, “Why chairs instead of beds? I wanted a loungy feeling, and beds do just that.” We relent and agree, before hugging one of their white cushions, sinking into a daybed and closing our eyes. Oh, so soft…
Daybed Bar is a haven for martini-lovers. There are 28 different deadly concoctions to choose from. One particularly potent drink is the Bison Sour-Apple Martini. In comparison to its martini offerings, its wine selection is considerably smaller.
Pub grub aficionados are not missed out either. There is an extensive list of yummies to sate your hunger. We recommend the strawberries dipped in white chocolate. Big and succulent, Mychael claims the most effective way to fully enjoy this signature dessert is to eat the strawberry whole. It’s a challenge, considering its size—but it’s a very alluring challenge.
So take your pick from Daybed Bar’s menu, and chill out to the non-commercial house music dished out by DJ Jojo Dali. With its refreshing concept, Daybed Bar breathes new life into Mohamed Sultan. The place is cut out for resting your heels—and ears—after a wild clubbing session. With events such as outrageous house music parties every Saturday in the pipeline, things are definitely looking up for this respite.