The buzz: Veteran bartender Shawn Kishore opens a ’90s-inspired bar with popular locally-inspired drinks from that era and throwback hip hop and R&B songs in Kampong Glam’s The Sultan hotel.

The decor: The cavernous space is made cozy with loud pop art grafitti on the vaulted walls and a sexy (and big) alfresco rooftop space. As far as furniture goes, it’s a mix of ’60s retro wood-and-fabric chairs with high- and low-top tables. The predominantly white space benefits from the large mural.

The drinks: Tongue-in-cheek names aside, the drinks are refreshing, if rather on the sweet side. There are cocktails like Peach Fit ($22) with peach liqueur, Peychaud bitters, vanilla syrup and bubbles; the fresh South American Swing ($22) with cachaca, port wine, agave, lime juice and Angostura bitters and the reincarnation of the Singapore Sling, the Xin Jia Po Sling ($22) with smoked gin, sloe gin, Cointreau and hibiscus-jackfruit shrub.

The food: A small list of bar snacks like calamari rings ($15), chicken wings in Cajun spice ($15) and sweet potato fries ($10).

Why you’ll be back: The barbacks aren’t shy to karaoke to throwback hits like The Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. It’s a laidback place with reliable drinks and a super fun environment overlooking the beautiful and historic neighborhood of Kampong Glam.