Kakure Sake Bar

The new arrival at the Scotts 29 lifestyle enclave is for fans of sake. Dim lighting, a cozy wooden top bar and plush leather seats add to the sexiness of this bar housed on top of contemporary Japanese restaurant Ki-Sho.The sake list (arguably the largest in Singapore, with over 50 labels) is the love child of in-house sake sommeliers John and Makoto along with Ki-Sho’s head chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto.
Other than bringing in small handcrafted sakes that you probably can’t find anywhere else in Singapore, each of the sakes on offer are only brought in once—meaning bragging rights. Lots of it. A must-try is Kakure’s house sake, the Tatenokawa Junmai Daiginjo, Nakadori Ki-­‐sho label ($60) which features a delicate aromatic brew with a fruity after taste. If you prefer something thats more soft and crisp, try the Kinshi Masamune, Matsuya Kyuubei Junmai Daiginjo label ($80) that features a fresh, clean aftertaste that goes easy on the palate.If you’re up for something with a stronger punch, try the Fuurosen Junmaiginjo Nakagumi, Namazake Yamahai label ($90) that sees a more refined, robust taste that goes great with red meats like wagyu. 
If you’re feeling peckish, try the Nodoguro ($62)—a black throat sea perch grilled over white charcoal or the kohada tempura ($34) that features gizzard shad in shiso leaves.