Kult Kafe

In addition to gawking at edgy art at Emily Hill’s long-beloved Kult Gallery, you can now have a beer or a cocktail on the same leafy compound. Located in an old house, Kult Kafe oozes a laidback house party atmosphere with high ceilings, bare walls plastered with graffti art posters, tasteful antique furniture and a roomy dance floor that also doubles as a performance venue. 
On the drinks front, there’s a cocktail menu by Zac Mirza (of House of Dandy and Tapow fame). Try the Kult Julep ($20) featuring rum, kaffir lime leaf and gula melaka and the Mojito ($20) featuring coconut water, fresh berries, lime juice and rum. For a greater punch, try the Spirit-driven end of the menu ($22)—stuff like like Negroni, Boulvardier and 1794. Also on the menu are regular bar staples like gin, bourbon, whisky, rum and apertifs ($15-$18). 
For special events (and you can expect many, as one of the partners is Tom Shellsuit of Sundays at the Training Shed fame), expect outdoor seating and staging, DJs and food done by Wings World and Black Boys Cubano, though we’re told Kult Kafe will soon roll out its own bar grub menu.