La Cicala

Buzz: Home to our first Bombay Sapphire Signature Bar, this swanky new tapas spot on Club Street has the makings of an ideal after-work venue.

Décor: Minimalist and modern with an open, teppanyaki-inspired kitchen, there’s something very Bohemian about La Cicala. Bombay Sapphire’s iconic light-blue bottles are featured prominently on a wall as you walk inside towards the kitchen, beneath a skylight. A limited edition, hand-blown crystal bottle of Bombay Sapphire (only 350 available worldwide), commissioned to mark the 250th anniversary of the gin’s recipe, will soon find a home in a display case set in the wall.

Food & Drinks: Forget about the old tired G’n’ T. You’ll see gin in a totally different light as La Cicala gives it the mixology treatment. For something classic, try the Bombay Dry Martini ($18)—just the way you know it, but with a zesty lemon jelly that bursts in your mouth—which goes well with a skewer of anchovy and olives ($10). For something a bit more adventurous, go with the Indian Bio ($20)—Bombay Sapphire, Bacardi and lime juice with a handful of curry leaves—which pairs up nicely with a bowl of octopus, pimento and potato ($10). If a really different sort of cocktail experience is what you seek, try the Lutuss ($16)—Bombay Sapphire, triple sec, fresh cucumber and ginger—and complement it with a flavorful marinated Iberian pork ball ($6). We dare say you’ll like the impressive wine cellar and a variety of other cocktails and Spanish beers.

Music: Background grooves.

Crowd: Corporate revelers, gastrobar lovers and, of course, gin drinkers.

Why you’ll be back: Because he who gins, wins.