Phat Cat Laundry

Located on the fringes of Chinatown, this laundry-themed bar projects a typical Chinese-owned self-service laundry shop, with elements like detergent boxes on the wall, washing machines on the premises and a drawing of a cute Chinese cat (typically seen in Chinese households) on the entrance door welcoming you.
Their menu features a medley of Asian-fusion dishes like their succulent beef rib ($25), which is marinated in a char siu seasoning overnight and cooked sous vide for 18 hours; Sichuan burger ($25), which features a Sichuan-spiced lamb and beef patty with a dash of sambal aioli and their prawn egg rolls ($14), which is infused with a black truffle paste. Expect innovative cocktails such as their Teh Botol ($26), inspired by the iconic Indonesian drink and is spiked with red tea rum, and Andy Lau ($26), a gin-based cocktail that comes in a shade of deep purple which pays homage to a collection of jaded songs by Hong Kong singer (and actor) Andy Lau.