Se7en 1nch

Buzz: From the founder of Crazy Elephant comes Se7en1nch, a bar dedicated to live alternative music, pole dancers and an interesting list of absinthe cocktails that’ll probably floor you before you get to catch any of the live performances.
Décor: Psychedelic graffiti tagged by celebrated local artist Suffian adorns the walls. Together with its live stage and pole dancing platform, the interior is edgy and urban. The long bar is positioned in the middle of the floor for obvious reasons—accessibility—and so everyone gets a drink as efficiently as possible (always a good thing). With a capacity of 147 indoors and 60 outdoors, the bar bustles with activity almost every night.
Food & Drinks: Absinthe is what makes Se7en1nch stand out (pun unashamedly intended), and claims to be the only bar in Singapore to specialize in Green Fairy cocktails. Flaming Suicide ($38) for example is like the famed (or rather flamed) Lamborghini, except the Suicide’s alcoholic rush hits you more like a rocket. Made from tequila and black absinthe (which has an 85% alcohol volume), it is drunk while flaming sambuca is poured into your glass. The mere mention of it is already making our head spin. And if you really want to trip your brains out, the bar’s Seven Deadly Sins ($77) is the way to go with seven different absinthe shooters to send you straight to hell.
Music: Handpicked by Se7en1nch founder Keef Ong, Last Clean Shirt plays an eclectic set of covers ranging from progressive and alternative rock to indie, funk and soul.
Crowd: Absinthe was the drink of choice for many famous poets, but the crowd here has less cultured things on their mind—getting drunk, for one.
Why you’ll be back: After your head and liver recover, you’ll want to come back to spend more time away with the Green Fairies.