Shin Gi Tai

A Japanese-esque craft cocktail bar by veteran bartender Anthony Zhong that stirs up classic cocktails in a homey space.

You may recognize head bartender and owner Anthony Zhong from his days at Jigger & Pony. His new cocktail bar consists of twists on classic cocktails like Negronis and Sidecars. The short menu also consists of drinks like Hot Peanut Butter Rum with brown butter puree, as well as the savory Green, White & Red made with rosemary, jalapeno, Tabasco, pink Himalaya salt and tequila. The space is Australian cafe Fine Palate by day, but transforms into this Japanese-leaning cocktail bar at night. Plus, the cozy cocktail bar looks and feels like someone's kitchen, what with its muted earthy tones but topped off with a sleek, polished finish.

Venue Details
Address: Shin Gi Tai, #01-04 51 Waterloo St., Singapore, 187969
Phone: 9768-4132
Area: City Hall
Open since: April, 2015
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 6pm-midnight
Nearest trainCity Hall
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