Spider Room

The buzz: The new members’ only bar at Avalon. The vibe is très chic and only the bold and beautiful need apply.

The décor: Nautical elements are subtly woven into the decor befitting its location. Sails are draped around the exterior space to shroud guests from prying eyes outside, while the bar feature reflects the sweeping curves of a boat’s hull. Tabletops are also lined with polished wooden beams reminiscent of a ship’s deck. Shades of cool blue dominate the room, creating a summery ambiance that evokes a night out in Saint Tropez.

The drinks: Only the premium stuff, baby. Spider Room only serves premium spirits and specialty cocktails courtesy of mixologist Ethan Leong (previously of Bar Stories and Maison Ikkoku). Highlights include the Arregato Martini ($25), a yummy mix of Patron XO Cafe, a dash of vanilla gelato and Italian hazelnut liqueur; and the Darth Vesper 007 ($32), featuring Bitter Truth Violet liqueur, Martin Miller gin and Grey Goose vodka.But the one to beat is certainly the $298 Moët Punch, the city’s most expensive cocktail, made from five types of herbs, fruits and liqueur in each category, Martin Miller gin and a whole bottle of Moët. Yep, this one’s for sharing.

The music: Smooth house so that you can lounge in style the whole night through. Nothing too hyper—you wouldn’t want to look disheveled in such an exclusive joint now, would you?

The crowd: The city’s crème de la crème, hand-picked by the club’s owners, who will then receive an exclusive navy blue leather card that they can flash for entry. If you don’t have one, don’t fret. Make friends with one (like us), and we’ll bring you in. Otherwise call the reservations number below and see what happens.

Why you’ll be back: Certainly the latest place to be seen in over and over again, no doubt.