The Still Bar

The buzz: The Still Bar, the newest addition to 22 Dempsey opened just a month ago and serves as the resident watering hole for three on-premise restaurants—Carnivore, Beets and Addictions Café.

The décor: The dark cavernous space features a U-shaped bar with mod furnishings—deep grey chairs, black leather seats with spindly metal legs and onion-shaped table lamps—that wouldn’t look out of place in a 1960s cocktail spot. There’s even a platform for musicians and bands to perform. For breezy evenings, a spacious deck surrounded by trees should do the trick.

The food: A selection of bar bites is split into two categories: on skewers—yakitori-style grilled chicken and leek with teriyaki glaze ($8)—and on plates—truffle fries with rhubarb ketchup ($14) and nachos with roasted peppers and walnut salsa ($9).

The drinks: Barring the wines (from $14/glass, $68/bottle), options here are strictly for an after meal tipple. The list leans heavily to the sweet side and most drinks could double up as dessert. Try alcoholic floats like the Wishlist ($18), a whisky-based concoction with crème brulee, milk and Bailey’s root beer ice cream or swig cocktails such as Purple Rain ($15), a mix of rum, peach schnapps, lime juice, grenadine and blue curacao. For something with more kick, opt for the Thin Red Line ($14): a shooter of vodka and sambuca straddling a layer of Tabasco sauce.

The music: Mostly retro beats from hip hop to old funk tunes.

The crowd: The usual Dempsey regulars and PMEBs looking for a post-work drink, along with thirsty patrons of their three other restaurants.

Why you’ll be back: It’s a pretty, laidback spot to hit after dinner, especially if you’re a lush with a sweet tooth. You could easily wile away hours lingering over dessert-inspired creations.

Venue Details
Address: The Still Bar, 22 Dempsey Rd., Singapore,
Phone: 6475-4062
Area: Dempsey
Open since: March, 2012
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 5-11pm; Fri-Sat 3pm-2am; Sun 3pm-1am
Nearest trainFarrer Road
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