Thai Disco 1

The name says it all. One of the original Thai discos here, this is still the place to be for a raunchy good time. Sexy female dancers (more often than not in their feather boas and skimpy outfits) take the stage while Thai live bands rock it out. These guys cover anything and everything, be it Thai, Canto, American radio hits or even old school Hokkien songs. Late daily happy hours here from 8-10pm and Black Label whiskies going for as low as $98 also mean that you can swing by after work with your mates—no rush. And with free Wi-Fi and a couple of plasma screens showing live soccer matches, you needn’t worry about feeling bored—it won’t happen.

Venue Details
Address: Thai Disco 1, #02-85/92 Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Rd., Singapore,
Phone: 6295-1611
Area: City Hall
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 7pm-1am; Fri-Sun 7pm-4am
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