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[Sponsored] With a number of flights linking Singapore and Osaka, Japan’s third largest city is a popular destination among Singaporean travelers. There are dozens of attractions to choose from in Osaka, but there is one place that should be on every itinerary—Osaka Castle. Here’s why.

Nishinomaru Garden and Osaka Castle observation deck

Your first stop in Osaka Castle is likely to be the Main Tower. Inside, you can discover the castle’s 400 year history at its museum and take in the views of the city from the vantage point of the tower’s observation deck. Next, you can spend time strolling through the surrounding Nishinomaru Garden, a lush 64,000 sq m park that’s home to 600 cherry blossom trees. Needless to say, the garden is a perfect spot to take in the colors of spring blossoms and autumn leaves.

Turrets of Osaka Castle

To delve deeper into the storied past of the fortification, you can tour the Turrets of Osaka Castle. The turrets comprise three spaces not normally open to the public—the Gunpowder Store, the Sengan Turret and the Tamon Turret. Regarded as National Treasures, these three strategic locations will transport you back to the Edo period and you’ll even get a hands on experience with a firearm of the time, a matchlock harquebus.

Gozabune pleasure yachts

For a different perspective on Osaka Castle, hop aboard one of the Gozabune pleasure yachts that ply its inner moat. The charming vessels will take you on a 20-minute cruise, bringing you close to the towering stone walls of the castle—the tallest in Japan.

Osaka Geihinkan

May 2016 was an exciting month at Osaka Castle. It marked the grand opening of Osaka Geihinkan, a restaurant with stunning views of the castle and Nishinomaru Garden. Osaka Geihinkan is housed in the reception hall that hosted the 1995 APEC summit, a space inspired by the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Nijo Castle in Kyoto and built by Japanese artisans— the coffered ceiling is a fine example of their work. Osaka Geihinkan is a reservation-only establishment helmed by Grand Chef Shu Ishii and the cuisine here brings together ingredients from across the Kansai region and French culinary techniques. Do note that as a reservation-only restaurant, opening days at Osaka Geihinkan may vary.
Reservations for private events are also available at Osaka Geiihinkan. Not only will you and your guests get to enjoy that unique view of the castle and gardens, you can also add on Japanese cultural experiences like umbrella making and sake tasting with food pairing.


Before you continue on your way from Osaka Castle, be sure to stop by Hosho-an, a tea ceremony house. Built in 1969 as a donation from Panasonic founder Konosuke Matsushita, it’s a place to revel in the wabi-sabi aesthetic. Visits are by reservation only. Tea ceremonies can also be arranged as part of a private event at Osaka Geihinkan.
To make your bookings, send an email to For more information, head to the Osaka Geihinkan website
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