A new zi char style mod-Sin cuisine restaurant has popped up on Alexandra Road

Ever felt a tinge of guilt when you indulge in the mod-Sin trend? The feeling of betrayal eating away at you, as you in turn eat a laksa-flavored fettucinne pasta, that you’ve let down your forefathers and everything they’ve fought for?

Heritage is an easy thing to blaspheme, but Jiakpalang Eating House is a casual dining establishment with a viable compromise—the same (novel) creations, but eaten in a setup near and dear to any Singaporean’s heart. To keep local cuisine and traditions alive, Jiakpalang works like a typical zi char stall, where the menu consists solely of dishes meant to be ordered in an assortment and paired with rice. The communal experience, of course, is elevated with the unique dishes conceptualized by Chef Nixon Low and inspired by local favorites. There’s the Charcoal Katarosu Pork Collar ($16), a modern take on zi char staple coffee pork ribs; “Ang Ji Kao” Stout-Braised Beef Cheek ($17), an homage to Guinness stout-drinking uncles; and a Milo Dinosaur ($8) dessert that looks every bit as sinful as the original treat.

A painfully obvious but nonetheless playful take on the Singlish term “chapalang”, Jiakpalang promises a happy coming-together of anything and everything—whether it’s food, people, or experiences. One thing’s for sure: everyone will be there with the goal to feel at home.

Jiakpalang Eating House is located at #01-06 Fragrance Empire Building, 456 Alexandra Road, and is open Mon-Fri, 11:30am-10pm.