Restaurant Andre to close in early 2018

In news that came as a shock to foodies in Singapore, Restaurant Andre announced that it will close on Feb 14, 2018, after eight glittering years in business. Opened in 2010 by eponymous Taiwanese chef Andre Chiang, Restaurant Andre quickly became one of the first names in Singapore dining, racking up awards at every turn.

In 2017, Restaurant Andre retained its two Michelin stars, placed second on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list and claimed 14th spot on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. No other Singaporean restaurant made the world’s top 50, with Burnt Ends (53rd) and Odette (86th) the next highest ranked establishments. So why close now? The chef behind it all says it’s a simple matter of having accomplished everything he set out to do here.

In a heartfelt letter to his friends and patrons, Chiang offered some insight into his decision. “I’m a perfectionist and for the past 30 years of my career, I’ve been looking for that unrealistic ‘moment of perfection’; three Michelin stars, world’s top 50 restaurant,” he writes. “Until now I realized, at this moment—it is perfect as it is.” 

“Preparing for a significant transformation” in 2018, the chef “decided to re-prioritize [his] professional life” and offered to return his Michelins stars. He also requested that both Restaurant Andre and his Taipei establishment Raw be excluded from future editions of the Michelin Guide.

As part of this transformation, Chiang is going back to where it all began. “After thirty years of a professional culinary career, returning to where I was born forty years ago has always been my dream,” he writes. “Passing on everything I have to the next generation in Taiwan and China is my duty, and providing young chefs a better education and culinary culture is an urgent priority for me.”

Chiang will leave our shores knowing that his legacy in Singapore is assured. “I have no regrets, as we have achieved all that we have wanted to for Singapore and for Asia,” he concludes. “Now, it is time for me to go home.”