A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the… screw that

Log cakes of all shapes and flavours have descended upon us this holiday season in an attempt to tempt us away from the classic, decadent goodness that is the chocolate Yule log (like these locally-inspired ones). If you’re not a fan of the fads, have your pick from these cocoa-filled bakes guaranteed to induce a festive, sugary high. Diets be gone.

Belgium Dark Chocolate with Yuzu Yule Log

From: Parkroyal on Pickering

One of famed hotel Parkroyal on Pickering's new offerings this year is a classic with a citrusy twist. They've got durian and gula melaka flavoured logs, but it's the Belgium Dark Chocolate with Yuzu Yule Log ($60; serves around 12) that's got our attention. Thick and decked with cocoa goodness, yet fresh on the palate thanks to the yuzu finish, this cake is likely to find fans in both lovers and haters of chocolate alike. There's a half portion too ($32; serves around six), just in case.

Classic Chocolate Log Cake

From: Carlton hotels

There are plenty of classics in town, but this Classic Chocolate Log Cake ($60; serves around 12) available at both Carlton hotels in Singapore checks all the boxes – a timeless log-shaped sponge left moist, then rolled in excessive amounts of dark chocolate cream before being coated in dense hazelnut praline cremeux for an added touch of decadence. Dayumn.

Chocolate Matcha Logcake Block

From: Cedele

You’ll be stumped by Cedele’s Chocolate Matcha Logcake Block ($75; serves around 12), not by how you intend to actually finish this massive chunk of a Yule log, but by how it’s so rich yet fluffy at the same time. Meant to invite conversations as you gather round it, expect fresh green tea notes to shine through generous amounts of creamy chocolate truffle and chocolate ganache.

MU Chocolate & Amaretto Cherries Log Cake

From: House of MU

Small in size but packing a big punch, this creation by House of MU’s pastry chef is perfect for boozy, intimate gatherings. The MU Chocolate & Amaretto Cherries Log Cake ($39; serves around 4) is filled with bittersweet Belgian dark chocolate, homemade caramel sauce and cherries lavishly soaked in almond-infused sweet Amaretto liqueur. Have it paired with a dessert wine.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

From: Awfully Chocolate

The saltiness gets you salivating while the sweetness brings the satisfaction home. It's no log, but this Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake ($98; serves up to 16) from Awfully Chocolate is worth every calorie, with your waistline concerns evaporating after every bite of its moist sponge wrapped and layered in fresh white chocolate cream. If you’re a purist, there’s always the Awfully Chocolate Log Cake ($80; serves up to 16) to rely on. Why not get both?