Enjoy plant-based burgers with this new vegan beef patty that’s good for you and the planet

Hardly referred to as mock meat or imitation meat these days, meat substitutes have truly come a long way. And now joining the list of vegan meat alternatives such as Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat and even OmniMeat is vEEF, with their Original Vegan Burger Patties in Smoky BBQ that has just debuted in Singapore thanks to gourmet food store Ryan’s Grocery.

Looking to make its mark on Singapore and the planet, vEEF was first launched in Australia some two years ago, as the brainchild of award-winning Aussie Chef Alejandro Cancino. Formerly the executive chef at fine dining restaurant Urbane, the vegan culinarian himself created the vegan beef burger patties from natural vegetable and soy protein, sans the use of preservatives.

Available frozen, these bad boys are easy to prepare. Just like how you’d cook a beef patty to sandwich between two fluffy buns, feel free to barbecue, grill or pan-fry these pieces till slightly crisp on the outside. That’s when you know a juicy vEEF patty is being cooked right.

Those who want to go all out can also grab Ryan’s Low Carb Burger Bun and De Chef Julien’s Caramelised Onion from the same exclusive local distributor of the burger patties. And since a burger would not be complete without cheese, top the burger off with American cheese or even pepper jack; vegans should try adding Daiya’s dairy-free Cheddar Style Slices.

With all the protein-rich, sustainable meat analogues on the market, going plant-based and becoming more environmentally-friendly has never been easier.

vEEF’s Original Vegan Burger Patties in Smoky BBQ is now on sale at Ryan’s Grocery. More information available here.