A contactless, consistent coffee experience

If you’ve always equated machine-made coffee to stereotypically poor, lackluster beverages, then it’s time to get acquainted with Ella, Singapore’s first fully autonomous robotic barista.

Designed by local smart cafe Crown Coffee’s digital arm, the latest version of Ella, Ella X, was built on the back of four earlier prototypes and experience garnered from serving over 80,000 cups of coffee at over 40 events across the past two years.

Situated next to Crown Coffee’s CT Hub 2 location, Ella is the first commercial standalone model (and the most advanced yet) designed for unmanned and contactless retail operations which has been launched in the public domain. And interestingly, the idea for Ella was borne out of very real problems such as shortage of labour and inconsistencies in quality which the cafe faced when it first launched in 2017.

Today, Ella is powered by an ecosystem comprising patented proprietary IoT-connected software and external hardware that elevates the usual coffee experience with speed, convenience, quality and consistency, while engaging the user by utilising digital touchpoints.

To use, simply download the Crown Coffee app before ordering your beverage of choice and making payment via the app. Once Ella processes your order, use the QR code provided on your device then scan to collect your perfectly crafted coffee when she calls out your username.

You’ll even be able to watch Ella’s six axis robot arms work her magic behind the glass screen to produce cups of barista-quality coffee. That means no vending machine-style drinks; instead, savour delectable espresso-based beverages made from Buscaglione Coffee beans that are ground-to-order as well as freshly frothed milk.

But besides Ella’s impressive ability to serve up to 200 cups of coffee an hour, which is four times that of a human barista, she also offers a consistent and contactless experience for all—something that could not come any timelier.

So just head down to Crown Coffee’s CT Hub 2 locale to experience Ella in all her glory and perhaps even witness the future of F&B.

More information about Crown Coffee and Ella available here.