This garden-to-table private dining experience will pique your interest in sustainable gardening

You might have chanced upon local urban agriculture company The Farmers before. Set up by a couple, their homegrown herbs and homemade nasi ulam are a crowd-favourite, often being snapped up at farmer’s markets. It was first started in an effort to promote sustainable gardening, farming and all things eco-conscious here. And while their items have been selling well, The Farmers found that their message got lost along the way, since people were really only keen on the finished product.

That resulted in the birth of their new garden-to-table dining concept and workshop, A Seat at The Farmers’ Table. Part workshop, part makan session, the whole affair takes place at the couple’s home in Yio Chu Kang—their front porch and garden area, to be exact. Upon arrival, get treated to the couple’s homemade kombucha as they dish out the welcome drinks, then have a mouthful of their Miang Kham (one bite wrap), packed with a selection of freshly-picked ingredients from their garden.

Then go on a tour of the garden which actually extends beyond the compound, while also being taught how to pick herbs and ingredients that’ll go into the nasi ulam you’ll help make later. Along the way, pick up tips from the couple about plant propagation, including what they’ve discovered to be the best techniques.

, This garden-to-table private dining experience will pique your interest in sustainable gardening
Homemade nasi ulam

After handpicking the ingredients, get to chop them up and toss them all together with pre-prepped rice and fish (vegan or vegetarian alternatives are available upon request in advance) which goes into making The Farmers’ signature nasi ulam. You then finally get to enjoy the fruits of your labour, alongside an assortment of other dishes already prepared. You’ll be taught how to make a fiery yet tasty chilli chukka paste too, which you then get to bring a bottle of it home.

The two hour or so session starting from 10am most days is the perfect chance to get all your burning questions about farming, gardening and sustainable living answered by the friendly couple, while also enjoying a meal with fellow enthusiasts. Plus, having a hand in and knowing what goes onto your plate only heightens the appreciation you can have for food. 

So instead of your usual brunch date, why not tag a couple of like-minded friends and bring them on this conscious living escapade the next time you’re looking for an activity.

A Seat at The Farmers’ Table goes for $80 per seat. The next session will be held on Aug 31. Book a seat through their Instagram page here.