A Kombucha class, Korean tea ceremony and more at Singapore Tea Festival 2019

Spill the tea—the Singapore Tea Festival is back, heading East for its third and largest edition yet. Featuring over 50 tea brands and 16 masterclasses, the massive celebration by Teapasar will be happening at Jewel Changi Airport this time, from Jul 19-21.

There’ll be plenty of tea-riffic options to choose from, so pace yourself. Sip on artisanal brews, such as the newly launched range of organic herbal teas from Pukka, as well as Petale Tea’s signature blooming teas. Also in the mix are Kindred Teas with their Cold Brew Rooibos Orange with Honey; as well as local tea label Fizzicle, that specialises in Junboocha, an elevated version of Kombucha. And for the very first time, the bubble tea comeback trend will finally receive some vindication here. Representing the BBT category is Woobbee, with their unique Herbal Mint (Pei Pa Kao) Milk Tea.

Tea-incorporated treats are also available. Fossa Chocolate has collaborated with tea brand Pekoe & Imp for tea flavoured chocolates like the Honey Orchid Dancong Oolong and Singapore Tea Festival exclusive—Fossa Chocolate X Pekoe & Imp Duckshit Tea Chocolate (this is one you’ll have to try for yourself). The tea-infused product collabs doesn’t stop here. Oasis Skin and Teapasar will also be presenting their Singapore Tea Festival exclusive tea-infused nourishing shampoo and conditioner.

, A Kombucha class, Korean tea ceremony and more at Singapore Tea Festival 2019

You’ll even be able to try your hand at brewing tea or making Kombucha, as masterclasses conducted by tea experts and purveyors are available for sign-ups. And before you leave, stop by Teapasar’s booth to try out their portable ProfilePrint, a new locally-developed, rapid food scanner. It’ll be able to authenticate and identify teas quickly, and even recommend food items to compliment those teas.

Singapore Tea Festival 2019 happens Jul 19-21, at Jewel Changi Airport, B1 Atrium. Admission is free. More information here.