Mala beef cubes and other trendy bites await at this food festival that opens till late

Come Jul 5, Singaporeans can gather and get their supper fix at a new, local pop-up food festival that will be open till 11pm on most days and even 1am on some. In its first edition, Nom Nom Nom food festival will play host to a wide variety of stalls selling delectable food and drink, plus activities and musical acts to keep you entertained.

It’ll be good to have a game plan, as there are plenty of nosh to choose from. There’ll be Three Buns with their tasty burgers, including the Impossible Inferno Slider ($15); Beef Bro and their famed Mentaiko Beef Cubes and Mala Beef Cubes (both $15); as well as a good range of Taiwanese fare provided by Monki Cafe, just to name a few. Singaporean snacks are also up for grabs, like Tutu Kueh, (fake) Shark Fin Soup and Fresh Sweet Corn.

Eager to get on the brown sugar milk tea trend? Try the Taiwan Brown Sugar Flaming Creme Brulee Milk 700ml ($5.90), at Ke Cha. Want even more sweets? Enjoy desserts like Churro Republic’s Cheeky Monkey ($9.90), a decadent mix of churros, chocolate sauce, Nutella, ice cream and more.

You can even enter eating competitions and chow down for a chance at winning a pair of movie tickets. And don’t forget to check out the massive 9.3m, 52-seater carousel (it’s the first thing you’ll notice) for an Instagrammable moment; or if you’re willing, fork out $8 for a go on the duplex ride. Just don’t nom nom nom away while you’re on it.

Nom Nom Nom will be held at Shaw House Urban Plaza from Jul 5-14. More information available here.